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Hollywall Entertainment Inc.

Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (OTC: HWAL) is a telecommunication, infrastructure, media, technology, broadcasting and entertainment company. Through various subsidiaries, Hollywall maximizes rights to its music, film, television, software and game libraries. Hollywall owns exclusive and nonexclusive rights to market, manufacture and distribute music master recordings performed by multiple platinum-selling acts.

Hollywall was founded in 2009. The company currently has two corporate offices – one in Washington D.C. and the other in New York City.

Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (Hollywall) Subsidiaries

Hollywall has a portfolio of operating subsidiaries spanning various industries, including infrastructure development, 5G and telecommunications, broadcasting, education, media and entertainment.

Hollywall is a minority majority-controlled consortium enterprise company led by founder and President/CEO Darnell Sutton, a highly recognized visionary and award-winning business and social leader.

HWAL continues to expand its business enterprise to numerous city and state municipalities and government agencies throughout the country, including: Washington DC, New York, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas and California, as well as within the Blackbelt regions of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia and North Carolina, leading the way in developing and implementing solutions to work toward closing the broadband digital divide that has been forced upon the most vulnerable in underserved urban and rural communities nationwide.

Hollywall Development Company (“HWDC”)

HWDC builds, restores and creates “smart” cities/communities and fiber networks throughout the U.S. HWDC services, initiatives and investments include broadband and 5G networks, IOT, smart city technologies, energy, tele-medicine, tele-education, transportation, clean water, waste management and the development of green environments.

HWDC employment growth opportunities continue to attract the industry’s best, brightest and most seasoned corporate executives to join its staff, as well as its ongoing efforts to develop highly effective and profitable strategic partnerships with investment banks, global capital funds, public financial and wealth management firms, construction and engineering companies, telecommunications companies, federal agencies, state and local governments, nonprofits, faith-based organizations and housing authorities.

HWDC’s Smart Cities division aims to provide various services and solutions, such as fiber-optic networking, data centers, smart kiosks, charging stations, security and camera systems, smart traffic monitoring, emergency alert systems, gunshot detection, backup power solutions, smart connected buildings, connected and autonomous vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, advertising and more.

HW Vision

Hollywall Entertainment advanced its technological footprint through the formation of a new wholly owned subsidiary, HW Vision. HW Vision offers state-of-the-art services in the continuously growing digital marketplace, such as:

  • 5G and Fiber Network installation services
  • Affordable high-speed internet access
  • Telehealth services
  • Domain hosting
  • Web conferencing
  • Managed internet services
  • Nationwide unlimited talk, text and data cellphone plans
  • Video broadcasting

HW Vision has created and developed a unique brand of streaming media programming, along with live television and on-demand content, including programming from HWAL’s entertainment library and educational programming, as well as its newly developed signature branded HW Vision Cellular equipment and services throughout its network(s) to residential homes and commercial businesses.

Offerings from the HW Vision brand are expected to be available for purchase in mid-2022.

Investment Considerations
  • Hollywall Entertainment Inc. is currently working on expanding the company through the acquisition of businesses within its targeted industries.
  • Hollywall subsidiaries are already working on multiple projects, most notably its HWDC subsidiary’s focus on the smart city concept leveraging 5G technology, internet of things and other innovative technologies.
  • The global 5G market is estimated to reach $414.5 billion by 2027, achieving a CAGR of 43.9%.
  • The company has launched HW Vision, a unique provider of state-of-the-art telecommunications services.
  • The music catalog licenses held by Hollywall Music and the Hollywall Network include rare recordings and unreleased tracks that are in high demand.
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InvestorNewsBreaks - Hollywall Entertainment Inc. (HWAL) Identifying, Capturing High-Growth Technologies

Hollywall Entertainment (OTC: HWAL) is pushing the envelope, sparking conversations and innovating, particularly when it comes to technology and offering access to the internet. “Through its budding list of subsidiaries, the company has achieved a market cap of $73.53 million as of March 2022. For a company founded in 2009, its growth has been incredible and has been primarily attributed to its identification and capturing of high-growth technologies,” a recent article reads. “Through its wholly owned subsidiary, HW Vision, the company offers state-of-the-art services, tapping into industries such as video broadcasting, managed internet services, domain hosting, telehealth services, and, most importantly, 5G and fiber network installation…. Recently, the company announced its venture into music NFTs with the formation of a new research and development (‘R&D’) division that would also explore cryptocurrency technologies, blockchain and token omics. Hollywall is also exploring new ways and methods of creating digital equity to address the so-called digital divide between the quality internet haves and have-nots…. With its growing portfolio of products and service offerings, the company proves that 5G, big data and artificial intelligence (‘AI’) are the future.”

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