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Brain Scientific Inc.

Brain Scientific Inc. (OTCQB: BRSF) is a commercial-stage health care company focused on developing innovative and proprietary medical devices and software. With a mission of modernizing brain diagnostics by employing cutting edge technologies to bridge the widening gap in access to quality care, the company offers two FDA-cleared products that provide next-generation solutions to the neurology market.

The company’s proprietary, clinical-grade neurological devices are supported by its intellectual property portfolio featuring patents in the United States, China and Europe.

Brain Scientific’s first commercialized devices, NeuroCap(TM) and NeuroEEG(TM), are designed to disrupt the current electroencephalogram (EEG) market by offering cost-effective and disposable substitutes to existing solutions, allowing medical professionals to collect diagnostic information quickly.

The company’s goal is to improve diagnostics by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning processes to analyze a database of brain readings as a method of detecting seizures and dementia. The company is also working to improve patients’ access to neurological care.

Investment Considerations:

  • Brain Scientific is a commercial-stage health care company aiming to modernize the brain diagnostics market by employing cutting edge technologies to bridge the widening gap in access to neurological care.
  • The company’s current offerings are the NeuroCap(TM) and NeuroEEG(TM) – two FDA-cleared devices delivered by wholly owned subsidiary MemoryMD Inc.
  • The company’s intellectual property portfolio includes three patents in the U.S., China and Europe.
  • Brain Scientific is developing new products, including disposable EEG headsets for pediatric patients, long-term monitoring solutions and artificial intelligence options for monitoring and recording brain activity.
  • The company was selected as a finalist at the 2020 Epilepsy Foundation Shark Tank Competition.
  • The EEG device market is currently estimated at $956.1 million and is expected to grow to $1.6 billion by 2026, achieving a CAGR of 8.7%.
  • In the future, Brain Scientific intends to leverage AI and machine learning to map brain activities and providing data about different neurological conditions such as dementia, pre-Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.
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